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Liqui Moly


Liqui Moly Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Protector - 250ml

EAN: 4100420020001

Diesel Additives

2000 , LM2000 , LM 2000 , LM 2000
Exhaust , Cleaner
1x 250ml Bottle

DESCRIPTION: Highly effective additive that reduces the build-up of particulates and thus increases the service life of the diesel particle filter. When used regularly, the diesel particle filter remains clean and expensive repair and servicing times are avoided. Benefits: - protects the diesel particle filter - aids the regeneration of DPF systems - ensures optimal and smooth combustion - reduces the build-up of particulates - especially suited to vehicles used for city driving and those that drive short distances Intended use: Suitable for diesel vehicles with diesel particle filters, provided these have not already been equipped with an electronically controlled additive tank system for filter regeneration. Application: - Add ri the fuel every 1200miles (2000km) just before filling up! - Contents of can are sufficient to treat 13-18.5 galons (50-70 liters) of diesel fuel. - Can be used in conjunction with Super Diesel Additive and Diesel Purge! NOTE! - DO NOT add an excessive amount and do not use in combination with Diesel Smoke Stop!

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