Diesel Additives Liqui Moly 2002

Liqui Moly


Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive - 300 ml

EAN: 4100420020025

Diesel Additives

Diesel hi-test, cetane boost

The Lubro-Moly Super Diesel Additive with Cetan Plus offers greater engine performance, with less diesel knocking, quieter running and easier starting. Cleans the engine and injection system and prevents the injector needles from seizing or reinifying. It reduces corrosion and wear, is suitable for low-sulfur diesel fuels and is tested compatible with turbochargers.The Lubro-Moly Super Diesel Additive is suitable for all diesel engines in commercial and passenger vehicles, construction machinery and stationary engines. Outstandingly suitable for preserving engines, even during long periods of non-use under extreme conditions.

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