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ProTecta Fuel System Treatment 12 Ounce Bottle

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UPC: 096146375010

Fuel Additives

Works in new and old vehicles
Better-than-new fuel economy - mileage improver
Restores power and acceleration
Eliminates pinging and knocking
Controls octane requirement - good operation on lower quality fuels

ProTecta Fuel System Treatment
• For use in your gas tank.
• Better Mileage, Reduced Emissions

No fuel system treatment does more for your car than ProTecta. That's because ProTecta complete Fuel System Treatment is the only double-acting super concentrate on the market today.
ProTecta has advanced synthetic cleaners for injectors, carburetors, and combustion chambers that clean 95% of new in only one tank full.
ProTecta contains special friction modifiers to provide a real mileage improvement even on new cars!
The friction modifiers migrate from the fuel and into the motor oil. They work with the motor oil in the critical area on top of the pistons where only splash lubrication is present.

You can expect a 3-4 % mileage improvement on new cars and even greater on older cars.
With high fuel prices and the poor quality of today's fuel ProTecta is the answer for maximum efficiency.
ProTecta Fuel System Treatment is the most concentrated product on the market today. So much so, one bottle will clean not only injectors, but combustion chambers to 95% of new in one tank full. Other products only clean injectors and it can take several bottles.

Not only is ProTecta Fuel System Treatment the most concentrated product on the market for cleaning, it also has a positive affect on new vehicles. ProTecta Fuel System Treatment contains a special friction modifier that once put into the fuel gravitates into the top end of the engine and its oil. In other words, ProTecta Fuel System Treatment provides lubrication in a very tight tolerance area, where only splash lubrication from the motor oil is provided. The special friction modifier works the entire oil change and reduces friction so much it improves mileage 3-4% in extensive fleet testing. This is not only in older cars but brand new cars as well. A major oil company has confirmed this product's results.

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