Lighting Natural Radiant Glow BA15D27WW-12

Natural Radiant Glow


12 X N.R.G 1142 1076 68 BA15D Base 27 LED Omni-Directional Light Bulb 10-30v 12v / 24v 405 Lumens - Warm White

EAN: 0617390663496

UPC: 617390663496


12-Pack 10-30 Volt operating range and non polarity sensitive circuitry designed specifically to meet the demands of RV & Marine applications.
27 - Warm White(3000-3500K) 5050 SMD LEDs with a 50,000 hour projected lifespan producing 405 Lumens. (Also Available in Cool White)
Consumes only .23 amps or 2.8 watts. Comparable to 28 Watt Incandescent. Use up to 10 LED's for every 1 Incandescent!
Produce little heat and no harmful UV or infrared emissions.
Replacement For: 68 90 94 96 104 198 302 304 306 308 310 312 624 1004 1076 1124 1142 1144 1152 1171 1176 1178 1196 1204 1252 1376 1638 1692 5626 7512 (Do not confuse with 1157 which is a dual circuit.) (Note: Replacements listed are all bulb numbers which require this base type, please refer to the dimensions to insure bulbs will fit your fixture.)

Key Specifications: Item Number: BA15D27WW-12 / Voltage Range: 10-30v DC / Color: Warm White (3000-3500K) / Lifespan: 50,000 Hours / Lumens: 405 / Amps @ 12v: .23 / Watts: 2.8 / Beam Angle: 360 Degree / Polarity Sensitive: No / Dimmable: Yes / All Natural Radiant Glow LED bulbs are custom built OEM products that have been designed specifically for RV and Marine use. The 10-30 volt operating range will allow for a wide range of applications including 12 and 24 volt systems. By using a constant current driver to supply the LEDs with the voltage they require, these bulbs can withstand the higher demands of RV and Marine applications. Traditional 12-Volt operating LED bulbs are not made to withstand the power surges and fluctuations which can occur during normal RV or Boat use. LEDs are traditionally polarity sensitive, only illuminating when electricity passes one way through the circuit, from positive to negative. If the polarity is reversed the light will not illuminate and it can cause damage to the circuit. In the past, when filament style bulbs were the only lights on the market, it was not important how fixtures were wired from the factory as these types of bulbs are non-polarity sensitive. Allowing for them to illuminate no matter which direction the electricity is flowing. This resulted in some fixtures being wired backwards from the factory. In the case of traditional LEDs these fixtures would need to be rewired to correct the problem. All Natural Radiant Glow products have been designed to be non-polarity sensitive preventing any damage to the bulb and allowing it to illuminate no matter the wiring of the fixture. In addition to the key internal specifications Natural Radiant Glow has also sourced the best quality in materials. From mounting the LEDs to a high density PCB panel for optimum heat dissipation, to the LEDs themselves. Every component has been selected for its superior performance.

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