Touchup Paint ExpressPaint 2WAY-1085-26817-PEN-C



ExpressPaint 2WayPen Saab 41522 Automotive Touch-up Paint - Jet Black Pearl Clearcoat 298 - Color-and-Clearcoat Package

Touchup Paint

2WayPen by ExpressPaint combines two paint repair pens into one cost-effective solution for small touch-up jobs. One side of the 2WayPen is your factory-matched color; the other side contains high-quality clearcoat.
This package includes: Color and Clearcoat in 2WayPen.
Formulated using low-VOC urethane means our 2WayPen paint repair pens are 50-state compliant, with minimal environmental impact.
Touch-up paint designed specifically for your vehicle. Please confirm that your vehicle's color code is 298 before ordering.
2WayPen touch-up pens are the easiest and best way to repair small nicks and scratches. If you have a stone chip, small nick, or fairly small scratch, the pen is ideal. It has a "chiseled nib" style tip has two edges; a thin edge for hairline scratches and a wide one for larger scratches.

ExpressPaint provides the fastest shipping in the industry. We guarantee that our paint will match the ORIGINAL color of your vehicle. Please keep in mind that over time, paint does fade due to sun exposure or other damage, which makes precise color matching a real challenge. This touch-up paint is designed specifically by ExpressPaint for the Saab 41522. Please confirm that your vehicle's color code is "298 (2006-2012) Jet Black Pearl Clearcoat" before ordering. Performing a "spray-out" (a test application of the color on something other than your intended part) is critical to ensure that the color matches and you're applying coats as the paint requires. ExpressPaint is committed to your achieving results, staffing a dedicated team of specialists to support you. Our experienced team is committed and ready to help you achieve the best results possible.

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