Pads GOLDfren 18720K5LX



Goldfren 18720K5LX 1 REAR BRAKE PAD SET FITS: 2006 BETA ALP M4 125

EAN: 8595595887737


Fits: 2006 BETA ALP M4 125 The price represents one brake pads. The K5-LX series is optimal for striving pro level off-road racers who demand great braking performance and durability. Recommended for pro off-road riders who are looking for a competitive edge and great stopping power. The K5-LX compound is designed for low abrasive interaction with the brake rotor, long life and self-cleaning capabilities. Additionally, the K5-LX rear pads feature a stainless-steel heat shield for thermal isolation. ABOUT GOLDfren brake pads • AD, S3, S33 and GP compounds are homologated by German institute TÜV Rheinland. • All of our brake pads are made with sintered metal-ceramic and ceramic-carbon friction materials • Sintered brake pads is a modern technology that provides the greatest brake power and wear life possible • Sintered pads provide superior stopping power and longer life compared to other brake pad types such as: carbon organic, organic, or semi-metallic organic • Sintered pads offer no brake fade when operating at high temperatures and in wet conditions • GOLDfren is a pioneer in sintering with advanced and progressive powder metallurgy methods • Designed for both wet and dry applications • Sintered brake pads deliver exceptional braking performance under the most demanding conditions • All materials are lead and asbestos free • High-end quality aftermarket performance disc brakes • Compound series available are: AD, S3, K5, K5-LX, S33, GP5, GP6 a GP7 • Application of each compound is based on our material chart (below) or the rider's preference and riding style

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