Touchup Paint ColorRite AUTO-71-43762-HPINT-C



ColorRite Half-Pint BMW 6 Automotive Touch-up Paint - Tanzanite Blue Metallic X10 - Color-Only Package

Touchup Paint

Designed specifically by ColorRite for the BMW 6. Please confirm that your vehicle's color code is X10 (2013-2014) Tanzanite Blue Metallic before ordering.
When only the best will do, ColorRite professional sizes offer the highest quality, best matching paint available. This color is pre-reduced and ready to load into your paint guy and spray. This listing includes color only; it is not a kit.
As a general guideline for estimating how much is correct for your application - half-pints are for smaller areas such as a motorcycle saddlebag or specific repair area on a car. A pint will cover a motorcycle fairing or car door. Our largest size (quart)
Available sizes include: Touch-up pens and 1/2 oz. jars are ideal for small nicks or chips. 2 oz. bottles provide more paint for larger areas (under 3 feet). Aerosols are convenient for those who do not have professional spray equipment. And for the best results and larger areas, our professional sizes are designed to be used with a spray gun.
ColorRite has been manufacturing high quality paints for over 25 years. We produce a wide array of sizes for your every need, including a Touch-up Paint Pen, Jar and Aerosol. Achieve results the very first time - choose ColorRite.

ColorRite has been manufacturing the highest quality touch-up paint available for over 25 years, and take pride in providing the fastest shipping in the industry. Our products are designed for a superior color match and protection against the elements. We guarantee that our paint will match the ORIGINAL color of your BMW 6. Performing a "spray-out" (a test application of the color on something other than your intended part) is critical to ensure that the color matches and you're applying coats as the paint requires. If your color is what is referred to as a "TriCoat" color, you have a color that requires two different colors to create the "match." Typically, one is the color, and the other is the pearl effect. ColorRite is committed to your achieving results, staffing a dedicated team of specialists to support you. Our experienced team is committed and ready to help you achieve the best results possible. ColorRite - delivering quality for over 25 years.

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