Parking Bruin Brake Cables 95474

Bruin Brake Cables


Bruin Brake Cables 95474 Parking Brake Cable


Made with pride in the USA
Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
Made with high quality machined components
Pull tested to over 1,000 pounds

BRUIN has completed internal testing of several major retail brands of Import Emergency Brake Cables with ASTOUNDING results. Our tests revealed that some of the major retailers who sell Import Emergency Brake Cables all had failures in our “pressure test” of 1,000 lbs. minimum for 10 seconds. We purchased cables at random and most of the cables tested started slipping or broke before the time was up! This is amazing when you think about it. Protect your family and buy Bruin! Bruin Emergency Brake Cables manufactures and sells Emergency Brake Cables you can rely on, not ones you have to take a chance on! Offering Plastic or Steel OEM style housings, Bruin Brake Cables has the selection you need without having to spend extra time and money to send your cables in to be duplicated. All our cables are made with pride by Americans in the USA using quality machined components. Bruin Brake Cables produces one of the highest quality cables in the market today. Machined steel components are used instead of plastic and pot metal, like cheap imported cables. Bruin uses coated wire instead of raw stranded wire. We believe this makes Bruin Brake Cables the best choice for safe reliable operation and long life. Cables are pull-tested to over 1,000 lbs. in our facility to make sure our cables are better.

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