Decals Vinyl Concepts Online 38 'W10'

Vinyl Concepts Online

38 'W10'

Funny Phrases, Broken Horn Watch For Finger, Vinyl Car Decal, 'White', '10-by-10 inches'


Can be applied to any smooth clean surface. Can withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to the elements without fading, cracking, or peeling. Detailed installation instructions are included.
We use only genuine Oracal vinyl that is known for its outdoor durability of up to 6 years. Highest quality and standards to ensure optimized stability and resistance to UV degradation.
All packages are shipped in re-enforced envelopes or sturdy boxes with tracking information. Our shipping costs maybe higher than average, but trust us, it is worth the expense.
Please reach out to us if you want to customize any order. We have many different colors available and can produce many different sizes. We are more than welcome to entertain any custom order.
This company is owned, operated, and managed by veterans of the US Army. Buying from us is supporting the veteran community.

This vinyl decal is "10 inches wide and 10 inches tall" and "White" in color. If the design is not proportionately the same the height and width, we will cut it to the proportionate measurement for whatever measurement is the largest, (e.g. if the design is wide, the width will be (your chosen size, i.e. 10 inches) and the height will be proportionate to that; if the design is tall, the height will be (your chosen size, i.e. 10 inches) and the width will be proportionate to that). The decal is contour cut from premium Oracal vinyl. Detailed instructions for application are included. We also have many other colors and sizes available.

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