Accessories Coverking CSCKT02TT9691



Coverking Front 50/50 Bucket Custom Fit Seat Cover for Select Toyota Tundra Models - Ballistic (Kryptek Mandrake Camo)


Made from Ballistic fabric for insulation, durability, and toughness
The "fit" isn't as tight as stretchy as Neoprene, but it can withstand pet claws, tools, and other hazards
Custom-manufactured to the exact specifications of your seats
Exact seat cover configuration is 50/50 Bucket, With Removable Headrest
Seat cover backing includes map pocket

Coverking's Cordura Ballistic Seat Covers now features the unparalleled depth, visual look and contrast of the Kryptek Highlander, Mandrake and Typhon designs, patterns that are made for the elite soldier. The unique look of transitional terrain coupled with the mimicry of foliage truly makes these covers one of a kind. With remarkable visuals to boost, these seat covers are also quite versatile in function. Made from Coverking's Cordura Ballistic fabric, each cover features the same high-quality material used in high-end luggage and outdoor footwear. The rugged thickness and durability of these covers are un-matched. Each cover includes an inner water-resistant lining for added protection. Since these covers are custom made to order, installation is a snap and over time, covers will mold themselves to the contour of your seats. Each row of seats include headrest, armrest, center console, air bag cutouts and map pockets where applicable.

Shock Mount - Rear
APDTY 715147 Chrysler 2012 2009 Actuator