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Turbo Rebuild Kit For YANMAR with IHI AY33 CY55 GY12 MY20 More RHB5 Turbocharger


Fit with YANMAR: AY33 / AY64 / AY72 / AY73 / AY78 / CY55/ CYAR / CYBB / CYCT / CYDG / GY12 / GY14 / GY32 / GY48 / GY56 / GY57 / GY74 / MY20 / MY25 / MY29 / MY31 / MY34 / MY59 / MY60 / MY67 / MY75 / MY8 / MYAQ / MYAZ / Turbochargers
8 mm ID journal bearing, only for IHI brand turbo, not for copy one
Total 24 pcs in plastic shell clamp package, not included instruction. You may not need to use all items in the kit for your turbo
Professional installation is highly recommended
Make sure turbo model# before you place order

Kit details: 1-4x Journal Bearing 8mm ID; 2 for standard and 2 for wide; 2-3x Snap Rings; 3-1x Piston Ring, Turbine End; 4-1x Piston Ring, Compressor End, Large; 5-1x Piston Ring, Compressor End, Small; 6-1x Oil Flinger; 7-1x Thrust Collar; 8-1x Thrust Bearing; 9-1x Locknut for Shaft; 10-4x Screws for Seal Plate; 11-6x Screws for Thrust Bearing.

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