Joints Febest B-0511-M2ATLH-AMZ-FA82-22-620A



Fa8222620A - Inner CV Joint Left 29X35X26 For Mazda


1 YEAR WARRANTY: All Febest Parts come with a 1 Year Warranty backed by great customer service.
ONLY THE BEST STEEL: Febest only uses the best high-carbon steel. All Febest parts that contain metal use an expensive heat treatment process that improves metal strength and performance, also our parts use a higher level of polish to allow the bearing to roll smoother and last longer.
ONLY THE BEST RUBBER: Each Individual component of this part is made with high quality materials. Unlike our competitors Febest uses only high quality Natural Rubber (75%) and (25%) synthetic Rubber. This means that it is more durable, will last longer, and can handle temperatures from -40 to +140 degrees. The Rubber wont rub off on your hand like the cheap replacement parts offered by competitors
QUALITY IS EVERYTHING: The synthetic lubricant Febest uses is 10x as expensive as our competitors, and lasts 3x as long.
GERMAN QUALITY CONTROL: Febests German quality control experts ensure that all parts are of the utmost quality. We have specially developed metals and rubbers that create a super durable, and long lasting end product.

This is a INNER CV JOINT LEFT 29X35X26. The Febest Number is 0511-M2ATLH. This fits the following cars: MAZDA 2 DE 2007-, MAZDA DEMIO DE 2007-. The compatible part numbers for this part are: FA82-22-620A, 0, FA8225600, , , FA8222620A

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