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Colombia Colombian Flag car bumper sticker 5 x 4


UV and Water Resistant
Highest Quality Vinyl (Easy to Apply)
Size: 5" x 4"
Made in the USA
Brought to you by StickyChimp TM

Highest quality outdoor grade vinyl on the market, UV and Water resistant. The sticker is digitally printed then die cut around the image. Easy application, will stick to all types of flat surfaces - bumpers, car windows, lockers, binders, metal, wood. Directions: Ensure that the surface that you are applying the sticker to is dry and clean. Stick the adhesive backing to the desired surface. Orders are shipped within 24 hours. StickyChimp only uses high quality Vinyl with EZ Apply Technology for a smooth easy installation.

VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT CARPET FLOOR MATS 4PC VW376 - BROWN (1974 74 1975 75 1976 76 1977 77 1978 78 1979 79 1980 80 1981 81 1982 82 1983 83 1984 84 )