Decals JP Vinyl Design DH17-WHT-20

JP Vinyl Design


JP Vinyl Design - AllStar Logo Shoes -Vinyl Decal - 20 - White


Made from Oracle 651 indoor/outdoor 6+ year viny
Stickers to any semi smooth surface
Shipped with installation instructions
Weather and Chemical Resistant
13 Colors to choose from

These decals are perfect for any smooth to semi smooth surface. Made from Oracle 651 Intermediate Vinyl guarantees a long lasting decal in any climate. Will not shrink or fade in the sun and will not crack in the cold. Some ideas for use. Laptops, Vehicle Windows, Vehicle Exterior, Walls, Computer Cases, Table Tops, Cell Phones, Cell Phone Cases, Cornhole Boards, Glasses, Vases, Clocks, Just about anything and everything. Customize any surface with one of these or any of our other decals. All order ship with installation instructions and we are here to answer your questions.

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