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UUC Double Shear Selector Rod 86-1 (DSSR86-1)


Improves the BMW shifter assembly to increase precision and smoothness of overall operation (DSSR appearance will vary slightly from picture, depending upon model.)
Resolves problems with wear and ovalization of linkage connection points at the transmission and the shifter's lower pivot
Compatible with all BMW and after-market shifters
Reduces free play movement up to 70% when used with the UUC EVO3 Short Shifter
DSSR kit includes stainless steel pins, clips, washers, and installation instructions

Fits: BMW 135i 2007 - 2010

UUC's DSSRs improve BMW shifter assemblies to increase precision and smoothness. One wear area not addressed previously is wear and ovalization of linkage connection points at the transmission and shifter's lower pivot. Original BMW design, connects at both ends with a large injection-molded plastic bushing. We already know how badly plastic wears in an automotive application, and these areas are not an exception. The design of the stock selector rod has a pin at 90° to the main rod, exerting tremendous leveraged force on the selector joint bushing from one side (known as a single shear force). The result is a steady deformation of the bushing, producing looseness and slop in the entire mechanism. These are magnified by the leverage-multiplication effect of the shift lever itself. The result is an in-gear shifter "free play" of 3/4" and up to 1" in either direction (35mm total). To permanently fix this, a fundamental design change to the pivot is required, changing the assembly to a double shear system with the UUC DSSR. This redistributes torsional forces from the pin/bushing interface to the complete face area on both sides of the selector joint. By taking advantage of the steel DSSR strength, the deformation problem is eliminated and rod movement correlates directly to movement of the selector joint - remaining shifter "free play" movement is from within the transmission itself. In-gear "free play" is reduced to approximately 10mm when used with a UUC EVO3 shifter. UUC DSSRs are compatible with all brand shifters, whether original BMW or other-brand aftermarket. While there are other replacement selector rods sold in the aftermarket (including "no tolerance" brass and "heavy" selector rods), none of them will get rid of the slop and "free play" in the BMW shifter assembly like UUC's DSSRs.

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