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2000-2005 Subaru Forester 51E Pure White Pint Single Stage Paint!

Body Paint

Pint of custom mixed paint
Paint code locations are in one of these places: Engine compartments, firewall and the drivers side door jamb.
Please verify the paint code you choose is the paint code on your car.

This listing is for one Pint of our premium state-of-the-art single stage urethane enamel. This urethane enamel has the option to catalyzed for superior durability but can also be used without catalyst. Designed for absolute durability and precise color match, Our universal urethane enamel may be used over the top of any quality urethane or enamel primer or primer/sealer. Please check out our store for the recommended premium reducers and Hardeners to accompany this product. Please note that this single stage paint will need to be reduced using a quality urethane reducer. We carry all temperature ranges of urethane reducers as well as appropriate hardeners in our store. The mix ratio for this product is 8 Parts Color to 2 parts Urethane reducer to 1 part urethane hardener. If you choose not to use Hardener (activator) the mix ratio will be 4 parts paint to 1 part reducer. We also offer all of the same automotive colors in un-reduced Single Stage, pre-reduced Single Stage. and a large variety of touch options including custom made aerosols. Check out our store for details.

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