Blades TuningPros WBMJ-22-22



TuningPros WBMJ-22-22 Metal Frame Windshield Wiper Blade, 22 (550mm) Driver Side & 22 (550mm) Passenger Side, Set of 2


Dual rubber technology - Flexible soft layer reduces chatter. Easy Installation
Flat blade design provides improved wiping capabilities in rain and freezing weather and long lasting durability
Designed for direct OEM replacement, offering design and performance improvements over conventional wiper blades
Included one 22" (550mm) driver side wiper blade, and one 22" (550mm) passenger side metal frame wiper blade. Set of 2pcs (1 Pair)
Sold as a complete set of 2 x windshield wiper balde. Inlcuded both driver side and passenger side

TuningPros metal frame wiper blades are designed for OEM replacement, offering improved design and performance over conventional wiper blades. The exclusive weather shield connector system to protect arm connection from snow or ice build-up. It lasts up to 25% longer than other premium wiper blades. It design for direct replacement for OEM windshield wiper blade at 1/3 the price or less. Easy Do-It-Yourself installation.

This new design of flat blade provides improved wiping capabilities in rain and freezing weather, long lasting durability, an easy to service design using a rubber insert that requires no special tools or high cost items to replace, and a clean appearance from inside the vehicle.

Metal frame windshield wiper balde Information:
Application arm type:
1) J Hook,
2) U Hook,
3) Pin Arm (small or large), or
4) Bayonet Arms

Included in the package:
1 x 22" (550mm) driver side wiper blade, and
1 x 22" (550mm) passenger side blade

Set of 2 (One Pair)

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