Custom Fit GG Bailey D4032A-S1A-GY

GG Bailey


GG Bailey Two Row Set Custom Car Mats for Select Mercedes-Benz E-Class Models - Nylon Fiber (Grey)

Custom Fit

Custom-made for your year, make, model and sub-model for a perfect fit
European-style velour weight carpet with a durable pile (52 oz.)
Made from 100 percent nylon yarn fiber for superior stain protection
Matched serged edging sewn around the outside to complete the look
Specially engineered open cell foam backing prevents floor mat movement

These GG Bailey vehicle floor mats are produced from high quality 100 percent nylon fiber that meets OEM specifications and are made to custom-fit your vehicle while adding style, comfort, and a touch of luxury. In addition to making the floor mats safe and comfortable underfoot, the carpet design and foam backing means the mats are the strongest, most durable and trouble-free available. These carpets have been developed with built-in resistance to soil and stains. This carpet design is unique to GG Bailey floor mats, as we work with the world’s best carpet manufacturers to design our own carpet. As a division of Racemark International, GG Bailey mats have been the exclusive auto mat choice of some of the world’s finest automobiles for more than 30 years. If your vehicle floorboard features mounting posts to hold your floor mats in place, the GG Bailey floor mats will include grommet holes to fit those posts.
The Best in Quality and Service

At GG Bailey only the finest materials available on the market are used for all products. All carpet is custom designed, in order to meet the same rigid specifications that OEM mats demand. All parts are equally manufactured to unique specifications. All other components have been developed and tested over 30 years of supplying to the most demanding high-end automotive market in the industry. GG Bailey is the only mat manufacturer online today to have OEM quality assurance ISO/TS 16949. As a customer of GG Bailey you can be assured that you are getting the very best in quality and service.


Custom-designed carpets, made in the USA and perfectly tailored to OEM specifications
Elegant Style, Rugged Durability

GG Bailey carpets have a European velour look and are made of the strongest, most durable and trouble-free carpet fibers available today. These carpets have been developed with built-in resistance to soil and stains. In fact, all carpet is designed in-house, working with the leading yarn suppliers in the world like Dupont and Stark. GG Bailey produced the first European velour car floor mats in the U.S., and they are now the standard in the world's most elegant automobile models.

Open Cell Foam Backing for Secure Placement

All GG Bailey mats have Open Cell foam backing that is exclusively designed to help prevent mat movement, provide comfort, and increase safety. This backing will not put marks on your interior carpet like other bulky rubber backings. No PVCs are used in the backing or other components that can cause interior fogging, which is an important issue for safety in the automotive industry today. Open Cell Foam backing also has the ability of providing a sound absorption quality.

Open Cell foam backing prevents mat movement and increases comfort and safety
Patented Mat-Loc Retention Clips

GG Bailey floor mats include patented Mat-Loc retention clips for the front driver and passenger mats. Mat-Loc clips hook lightly into the floor carpet of your vehicle, anchoring the mat for a non-slip fit. Detailed instructions and diagram are included in every order and replacement clips are available. Many vehicles will have OEM retention posts already installed. In most cases the mat can be placed over the post and attached with the Mat-Loc clip, or the mats will come with the grommet hole to fit over the post.

About GG Bailey

GG Bailey is part of the Racemark International group of companies that include manufacturing plants located in Georgia and Switzerland. These plants are dedicated to the production of the finest automobile floor mats in the world, supplying the premier brands in the automotive industry.

In 1974, GG Bailey was the first floor mat company to create a carpeted auto floor mat and, through continuous innovation, have added value to car mats with the development of a safer backing, a carpet heelpad to decrease wear, thickly serged edges, elegant binding, and dense computer-controlled embroidery for custom-designed logos and personalization.

All carpet is designed in-house, working with the leading yarn suppliers in the world. Custom-Fit patterns for each vehicle are done to high engineering standards and fit the exact contours of your vehicle. All products are proudly "Made in the USA".

This innovative, entrepreneurial team of auto enthusiasts is dedicated to making floor mats for the automobile consumer who understands the importance of safety and style.

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