Spark Plugs Brisk BPLAUTO-11528



SET OF 4 PERFORMANCE SPARK PLUG Volvo 745 2.3L Turbo GLE with B230FT engine serial nr. (all model year) * 29J2PLR15ZCSLU65XP

Spark Plugs

1. Higher HP and torque by up to 3 %
2. increased economy by up to 5%
3. 360 Firing Technology
4. Improved acceleration by up to 15 %
5. 25,000 miles - 40,000 km duration

ELECTRODE SHAPE VARIES ACCORDING TO ECONOMY- & DYNO-TESTS. PLS CHECK ENGINE CODE & YEAR OF PLATE SPECS. QUANTITY AS IN TITLE. If you need utmost ignition performance & voltage at unparalleled levels don't miss the chance to purchase our racing plugs. Misfires are now controlled & racing plugs will allow you to have steadily high levels of improved acceleration & throttle response. * * * CLAIMS: 2-3 % +HP & TORQUE 10% + ACCELERATION +5% FUEL ECONOMY * * * Due to Brisk innovation & 25-year experience in plug manufacturing, misfires & non-firing have been significantly reduced consequently combustion conditions have improved dramatically, generating more engine performance. Multi-spark plugs increase the HP. Auxiliary round electrodes applied by a special patented technology on the insulator tip enable simultaneous flashover of 2 surfaces & one air-gap spark at one impulse of the ignition system. Each of the sparks can flash along the whole perimeter of the auxiliary electrode (360°). Spark gap protrudes deep into the combustion chamber & improves initial phase of spread of the flame front. Number of sparks as well as the distance between them reduces possible imperfect ignition, increases combustion speed & performance. Racing plugs' design ensures optimum mix ignition, now you can improve economy, reduce harmful exhaust emissions & maximize horsepower. Our racing plugs are designed for high performance circuit racing or fast street driving. Brisk plugs outperform other brands in durability as well as efficiency. If you are sick of wasting money on high gas prices & looking for better performance from, then these racing spark plugs are for you. Brisk plugs are going to save your money every time you fill up the tank, besides you will experience dramatic changes in acceleration. Brisk has been dealing with manufacture of special plugs since 1990. Brisk's experience warrants peak performance, reliability & perfect style. Brisk plugs are made in EUROPE.

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