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Yana Shiki LC17LCB-CHR/RC18LBB-CHR Chrome Adjustable Blade Brake/Clutch Lever Set with Chrome Knuckles for Kawasaki ZX-6R/RR


Fits: Kawasaki ZX-6R/RR 2005-2006
Levers are fully customizable up to 5 different colored levers and knuckles; 5 different style of handle variations are available
Lever handles and knuckles also available separately, which allows for levers to be fully customizable and easily replaceable if necessary; Yana Shiki branded parts are only interchangeable with Yana Shiki branded levers
Adjusts to 6 different positions for your comfort
These aluminum levers improve the comfort and feel over OEM style levers; easy assembly and installation

Yana Shiki Adjustable Blade lever Sets are both clutch and brake levers for the listed sportbike. The levers are Yana Shiki's stylish blade handles paired with the appropriate knuckle to fit your bike. Each side adjusts in and out to give the rider the most comfortable feel for his/her personal preference. Each set comes in a variety of color combinations for both the handle and the knuckle allowing us to customize the bike to look the way we want. Along with looking great, they're also made out of billet aluminum for durable construction that lasts.

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