Crankcase Ventilation Magnum Tuning CRANKFS-3733

Magnum Tuning


MAGNUM WASHABLE Crankcase Vent Filter Breather GMC Caballero 229 to up to 9/16 Inch ID Hose

Crankcase Ventilation

Employs a washable cotton gauze filter element
Easy DIY installation - 'Push-in' style
Staggered inlet - fits to numerous crankcase hoses
10-year factory warranty
Fully chrome end caps

THIS CRANKCASE VENT FILTER INSTALLS UNIVERSAL & WILL FIT YOUR VEHICLE IF ITS CRANKCASE HOSE MEASURES IN INTERNAL DIAMETER OF 3/8" - 10 mm up to 9/16"- 14 mm. Measures 2 3/8" - 60 mm in diameter and 2 1/8" - 53 mm in high. Washable Crankcase Breather also referred to as crankcase vent, ventilation filter is a small filter provides an air release to prevent build up of pressure within the crankcase. They ensure that your engine does not reuse any oil contaminated air that could cause poor running and a lack of power. It is a must when stock restrictive air filter incorporated in its box, is replaced by a cold air intake. Modern internal-combustion engines are designed to return the crankcase fumes back into the engine normally via the air intake tract & into the intake manifold. The problem with this is that oily fumes can pollute the air-fuel mixture causing the car to run poorly. This can also result high fuel and oil consumption & smoky exhausts. Performance Chrome style breathers had been designed for upgraded engines starving for maximum crankcase breathing filtration. High performance filter element stops pollution from reaching oil supply when decelerating. * INSTALLATION: 1. Remove the crankcase hose off of the stock air filter box. 2. Pull the hose in your breather's Mounting tab. If hose is too long, cut it. Replace the hose by a longer one if you want to place the filter under-chassis or any other convenient place. 3. Tighten the hose on the tab with a clamp. 4. Make sure, intake from where you removed the hose, is sealed properly. MAINTENANCE * When pores fouled, needs to be cleaned with any brand special air filter cleaner. HOSE CLAMP required - NOT INCLUDED Recommended to use factory clamp * Magnum Tuning has been dealing with manufacture of upgrades since 1994. Magnum's experience in rubber compression molding warrants peak quality and reliability. Magnum exhaust parts are made in Europe & covered by WARRANTY.

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