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412 Blue-Green Metallic

Volvo S70 412 Blue-Green Metallic Professional Touch Up Paint Kit

Touchup Paint

Kit Contents:
ounce of professional grade touch up paint that is custom mixed according to the year of your vehicle
Detail brush to apply to even the smallest of rock chips
1 Large Microflex Glove
The paint code can be located Either Driver or Passenger Side Strut Tower, On the Firewall, on the radiator support, inside the driver side door edge or jamb. We will also need the YEAR, MAKE, and MODEL of your vehicle.

WE HAVE JUST BEEN GRANTED THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO SELL THESE PRODUCTS FROM THE MANUFACTURER. THAT MEANS YOU CAN'T GET THIS PAINT OR ANY OTHER PART OF OUR SYSTEM FROM ANY OTHER COMPANY. Use this paint on any rock chips, small scratches, or door edges to seal and protect from further damage or rust. This will NOT make the damage go away, but you will see a noticeable improvement and the chip or scratch will be covered. Despite what some ads may say, there is no magic product that will make all chips and scratches just disappear. We guarantee a blend-able match for small rock chips and small nicks in the paint. In other words, if this is applied correctly to small chips, it will not be visible. We cannot guarantee that this will make a deep scratch disappear, nor will it fill a large repair area. Our products have been developed specifically for quality, speed, and ease of application! You must locate and verify your paint code, to ensure you are ordering the correct color for your vehicle. If you have any issue locating or identifying your paint code, just let us know and we will be happy to assist you. We will also need the YEAR, MAKE, and MODEL of your vehicle. Please Note: The picture of the paint is a stock photo and is not the color you are ordering. You will be ordering the color you need based off your vehicle color code. You must verify the paint code on your vehicle to ensure you are ordering the proper color.

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