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Menzerna SIP - Super Intensive Polish PO83 16oz.

EAN: 0844998173571

UPC: 844998173571



Eliminates the need for a compound in most cases.
Finishes with little or no surface haze.
Safe on all coats of paint.

Super Intensive Polish has become the industry standard for both the automotive OEM assembly plants as well as the professional reconditioning detailers. The introduction of a new generation of scratch-resistant clear coat proved to be a difficult challenge for the conventional polishes. A new polishing technology was required to eliminate the sanding scratches that are a result of the coating repair process. These 2000 grit sanding marks had to be quickly repaired on the assembly line to ensure that the line would not be held up. Despite the difficulty of the challenge, the engineers at Menzerna successfully developed the first generation of polishes for scratch-resistant clears. Menzerna's line of scratch-resistant polishes exceeded all expectations of polishing performance on fresh OEM applied paint, offering increased speed and levels of gloss that were not thought possible with conventional polishes. The benefits of this technology carried over to aftermarket applications, becoming the most popular paint correction system for the professional reconditioning specialist. Super Intensive Polish will correct light scratches and eliminate 2000 grit sanding marks on fresh paint. If necessary on dark colors, it can be followed up with PO106 SuperFinish or PO85RD for an absolutely flawless finish.

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