Hangers Magnum Tuning EXMLAR-9224

Magnum Tuning


Performance Exhaust Bushing Rubber Mount 4 NON-FACTORY PROJECTS Vauxhall Vectra 3.0 GTS V6 CDTI Large Oval


Resists tears and punctures
High quality, durable, heat- and oil proof rubber
Strong as an OEM part
100% UV protection
Reduces vibration

UNIVERSAL INSTALLATION * FOR NON-FACTORY EXHAUSTS * DOES NOT NECESSARILY FITS TO FACTORY EXHAUST HANGERS * Dimensions (height x length x thickness) 2.75" x 1.75" x 1.5" " - 70 mm x 45 mm x 38 mm * INTENDED USE: aftermarket or racing exhaust installation ............ Magnum performance exhaust rubber hangers also referred to as exhaust mounts or bushing produce superior performance. They isolate the exhaust vibrations from the chassis and contribute to smoother gas flow. Universal fit. Our exhaust mounts are made of the highest quality rubber featuring extreme flexibility and durability. This durable performance exhaust hanger will not harden from exposure to extreme operating temperatures, age or weather. Typical lifespan is 8 years. * This exhaust mount fits to countless tune-up projects committed on the exhaust. * Strong as an OEM part * Exactly the same as pictured above * 60 Sh rubber raw-material provides awesome corrugation * Magnum exhaust bushings will not harden from exposure to extreme operating temperatures, age or weather. ............... INSTALLATION NOTES. 1. Never apply smaller or weaker exhaust hanger than recommended by the manufacturer of the current exhaust muffler / system or than OEM exhaust hanger. 2. Maintenance the exhaust bushing with silicone, at least every 6 month. 3. Never cut, slash or damage the hanger with knife, blade or any other sharp tool. 4. Never drill the exhaust bushing. 5. Avoid unbalanced exhaust mounting in order to normal wear and tear. 6. Don't expose the exhaust mount to high heat (motor block, header). 7. Don't plaster the bushing with mineral grease, use silicone instead. * Magnum Tuning has been dealing with manufacture of upgrades since 1994. Magnum's experience in rubber compression molding warrants peak quality and reliability. Magnum exhaust parts are made in Europe & covered by WARRANTY.

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