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Air Filters

Colors marked with original correspond with the original factory colors of this model/year
Includes air box covers

K&N Stock Replacement Air Filter Elements - Honda VF700C 1987 / VF750C 1988 - HA-7598

Non-Restrictive - dust and dirt will not clog the filter because they remain on the outside of the element

Free-Flowing - despite the outer layer of trapped dust and dirt, air flow between the particles remains virtually unaffected

Moisture-Resistant - moisture will not clog the oil-saturated element, even completely wet, the filter will allow the engine to breathe freely

Minimal-Service - because dirt particles that build up on the outside of the element actually aid in the filtering action, frequent cleaning is not required
Unaffected by pollution control devices - oil breather blow-by is absorbed in the fabric without effect

NOTE: All K&N air filters must be treated with filter oil before installation

1987 Honda VF700C Magna

1988 Honda VF750C Magna

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