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1994-1997 MERCEDES BENZ E420 E 420 CARBON FIBER VINYL WRAP SHEET / FILM (60 X 180) 5FT X 15FT 1995 1996 94 95 96 97 MERCEDES-BENZ W123 W124

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Chrome Trim & Accessories

Made with an automotive-cast vinyl. Protects your paint from scratches and wear. Can be easily re-positioned and stretched for exact fitment and is soft enough to conform to all edges/contours/shapes. Creases and air bubbles can be removed by applying heat and using a squeegee.
This is a 3D black carbon-fiber (twill-weave) vinyl wrap. The vinyl has an adhesive backing, simply peel and stick. OUR VINYL WILL LAST OUTDOORS FOR 12 YEARS!
You can place this vinyl wrap anywhere: doors, wheels, engine bays, hoods, roof moldings, wheel wells, center consoles, steering wheels, interior panels, side mirrors, spoilers, etc. Simply use a razor blade/scissors to cut the excess vinyl after you applied the wrap to the desired area.
You will receive 1 sheet measuring 60 inches by 180 inches (5 feet by 15 feet).
Only TWO SHEETS of this is left in stock. Buy now while you can!

This high-quality carbon fiber vinyl can be applied anywhere to the inside or outside of your car (grilles, doors, hoods, fenders, wheels, interior panels, spoilers, steering wheels, lights, dash gauges, etc). You can also apply it to other surfaces (such as your Ipod, Ipad, laptop, etc.). Don't buy the cheap stuff that is going to start coming off in a year or when you go through a car wash. The vinyl is secured to your car using industry-leading 3M-adhesive technology so all you need to do is peel and stick and trim off the excess with a razor blade/scissors. This vinyl is removable in case you ever want to take it off. The best thing about it is that it protects your paint from scratches, wear and tear, etc. The trim is soft and flexible so it can be contoured and wrapped around edges and tight spots very easily. It can be re-positioned easily and wrinkles/creases/air bubbles are easily removed with heat (such as a hair dryer). Our vinyl lasts up to 12 years outdoors. Try to find a paint job that will last for half that long without looking worn, you won't!

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