Chrome Trim & Accessories  FE-MAL08-80/WA301N


Painted Body Side Moldings for 2008-2012 Chevy Impala (Red Jewel 80/WA301N)

Chrome Trim & Accessories

Easy to follow instructions
Moldings are Self-Adhering (Grade 3M Adhesive Tape)
Painted to match your OEM paint color
Precision Engineered
Includes Pro Bond Adhesive Promotor and Cleaning Prep Pads

Paint Color: Red Jewel
Paint Code: 80/WA301N

URgreat T25 3157 3356 3456 4156 3057 3155 3357 3457 4157 Super Bright White 60 LED 3528 SMD Tail Brake Turn 12V 60 LED Car Light Bulb Lamp Bright 2.5W 6000K
Vibrant 2104B Silicone Vacuum Hose
Mix me 2316