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SP Performance Rotors


89-91 Audi 100 Quattro - Front Slotted Brake Rotors


1 Set of Left and Right Front Rotors For: 89-91 Audi 100 Quattro (FRONT)
Finished with SP Performance Exclusive ZRC Gray Coating to protection against corrosion.
Reduced Fade - Increased bite - Improved braking - Increased cooling - Increased Safety and Reliability
Slots Wipe The Brake Pads - Expel Gasses - Greatly Reduce Stopping Distance
Direct Bolt-On No Modifications Necessary ------ Note: Rotor Image Is Not Vehicle Specific

With SP Performance Slotted Brake Rotors, you will feel the difference. Its series of slots wipe the surface of the rotor forcing the gases to expel through the slots. The slotted surface also greatly improves wet weather braking by preventing hydroplaning between the pad and rotor. The slots on SP Performance Brake Rotors are machined to the minimum thickness. This is done to insure that the rotor strength is not compromised, keeping safety and reliability in mind for virtually all automotive cars and trucks. This is a bolt-on, hassle free way to greatly improve your stopping performance.

Each rotor is coated with SP's flat gray ZRC. It provides long-lasting protection against corrosion in the most hostile salt-water environments. After being applied, ZRC provides the highest level of galvanic protection. The film of ZRC is conductive. After the coating heats up during use, it bonds permanently to the metal surface. It will not allow the metal to corrode, even when the surface is scratched.

Note: Please check Title and Product Features to verify the vehicle application to make sure these rotors will fit your vehicle before ordering.

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