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Intro-Tech Automotive Hexomat 1pc Rear Mat, Color: Ivory TO-704Ivory

Custom Fit

Hexomat 1pc Rear Mat, Color: Ivory
Year: 2010-2014
Make: Toyota
Model: Sequoia

Description: Custom-fit Hexomat car floor mats and cargo liners are designed for strength, durability and everyday protection. With a special honeycomb pattern, these unique custom-made floor mats can contain everything from sand to slush to spilled drinks, protecting your vehicle's carpet from damage. The durable rubber material stays flexible in any temperature, lies flat for consistent protection and stays in place with nibbed backing. Every one of our Hexomat floor mats or trunk liners is custom-cut from one of over 10,000 patterns, to fit your car, truck or SUV perfectly. Custom-made in USA from imported materials. Guaranteed for life. Features: Hexomat Floor Mats and Cargo Liners offer carpet protection from mud, muck, and moistureCustom-fit for maximum protection and coverageThese mats will not fade or crack over timeFeatures unique honeycomb pattern which can trap tremendous amounts of fluids and debris and prevents it from sliding around under your feet while driving Made of durable rubber material that keeps utility floor mats flexible in any temperatureNon-skid nibbed backing ensures car mats stay in placeThe Clear Hexomat can be used as a protective cover for your luxury carpet mats while still allowing them to be seen. Available in 5 colors - Gray, Ivory, Black, Tan or ClearHexomat Floor Mats and Cargo Mats are guaranteed for lifeShipping Details: This product usually ships from the manufacturer within 5-10 business days. Notes: Get a *FREE* Ice Scraper with every order through 01/31/2014 or while supplies last! 2010-2014|Toyota|Sequoia|(2nd seat Captains chairs, w/ center console) 2nd seat Captains chairs, w/ center console

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