Brake Cables & Lines Galfer D41-2



Galfer D41-2 Steel Braided Front Brake Line

Brake Cables & Lines

Made in USA
Lifetime warranty
PTFE Teflon
64 lines of steel braid
Pre-positioned banjos for easy installation, although adjustable as needed by hand

Galfer's standard brake line kits are anything but standard. Uses high quality machined banjo fittings and bolts. Kits are bike specific and are tailored to each bike for perfect fit and finish. Unlike many other manufacturers, Galfer pre-position their banjo fittings for an out-of-the-box fit. But, if you need to fine-tune them, you can adjust their position. Most of Galfer's brake line kits come with labels on the lines to help guide you on which end goes where. Galfer also offers a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

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