Bearings Pyramid Parts BR01-1003

Pyramid Parts


Pyramid Parts Steering Stem Bearings Kit for: Kawasaki KX125

EAN: 5055490428860


Upper & Lower Taper Bearings with shells
Upper Seal & Lower Seal
Includes Bearing Grease

Steering Head Bearings set (including the Top & Bottom Seals) to fit: Kawasaki KX125 B1 / B2 / C1/D1 / E1 / E2/F1 / G1/H1 / H2 1978 to 1991

Vertex Piston Kit - (270cc Big Bore) - 3.00mm Oversize to 80.96mm, 13.9:1 Compression 23867A
Make Auto Parts Manufacturing REPB543701 651750919595
Mix me 3970