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Bell Intercooler Core, Air-to-Air, 3.5 D x 18.8 H x 6 W, 1265 CFM


Item ID: BIC-A350188060
Dimensions (Spec): 3.5" D x 18.8" H x 6" W, Flows 1265 cfm; Core (Spec): 3.5" D x 18.8" H x 6" W, 1265 CFM
Core (Spec): 3.5" D x 18.8" H x 6" W, 1265 CFM

100% Made in the USA, Vacuum Brazed Cores
Bell Intercoolers manufactures all of their intercooler cores right here in the USA. These high quality, high performance intercooler cores are pressure tested prior to shipping and come with a one year warranty against workmanship failures. Utilizes a bar and plate design for the highest efficiency and performance.

High Performance, Simplified
A well-designed Air-to-Air intercooler system represents the most cost efficient and reliable method of reducing intake charge temperatures in turbocharger and supercharger applications. With no moving parts the Air-to-Air system provides essentially maintenance free reliability, just this side of bulletproof. Couple this with Bell Intercoolers engineering and design expertise and you have a proven method for harnessing the potential of your turbocharged or supercharged engine.

When Price Matters as Much as Performance
We know you're looking for the best intercooler system for your application, but best can mean many things. Best performance, best price or best design for a complex installation. People have come to expect the highest levels of performance from Bell Intercoolers. With solid engineering and design experience behind each of their systems you get the best in intercooler technology. But what if price is the key consideration? We can help there too. The same experience that allows Bell to design the highest performing systems also allows them to design a system that can handle the balance between the need for performance and the reality of a tight budget.

Consult the Experts
Have questions about designing the best Air-to-Air intercooler system? Please contact us and let our team assist you with expert advice and information. Our philosophy is to provide you with the best parts and best information to ensure you have the best intercooler for your application.

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