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RAM Clutches 78132 Circle Track Hydraulic Release Bearing

EAN: 0809009356756

UPC: 809009356756

Release Bearings

Efficient Method OF Setting Up Clutch Release System
Up Most Durability
Long Life Over Factory Systems
Full Adjustability
Easy Setup w/Most Aftermarket Clutch

RAM Clutches 78132 Circle Track Hydraulic Release Bearing makes easy work of installing Circle Track single or multi-disc clutches in cars that have limitations on space. These Flat-faced units are exceptionally engineered for use with Single Disc Stock Type clutch systems. The new RAM Clutches HD-version includes superbly beefed up O-rings designed with Teflon backup for unparalleled durability. The maximum travel for Flat-face bearings is .800-Inches. When utilizing Multi-Disc clutches it is advised use the Round Face version that provides easier pedal effort. If employing the Round-face version the Travel on it is .500-Inches. All RAM Clutches Hydraulic Release Bearing kits include the mounting hardware and a remote bleeder line. It is important to be sure to use only DOT-3 brake fluid with RAM hydraulic bearings. The Master Cylinder and feed line are not included – RAM Clutches recommends a 3/4-Inch Bore size. RAM Clutches are the Champions Choice.

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