Extension Pipes Godspeed FLEXPIPE-300X8-E



3 X 8 X 12 Stainless Steel Exhaust Flex Pipe

Extension Pipes

3" X 8" X 12" Stainless Steel Exhaust Flex Pipe
inner diameter : 3"
flex pipe length : 8"
extension on each end: 2"
overall length: 12"

-perfect for custom downpipe / exhaust -straight pipe connector, made of high quality steel -heavy duty / tight woven interlock braided pattern -braided (inner and outer) with stainless steel wires ,anodized trumpet opening -eliminating the vibration generated by vehicles engine, therefore relieving stress on exhaust / downpipe system -reducing the risk of cracking manifold / downpipe during vibration cause by vehicles engine / extending life span of vehicles components -extension on both ends for easy welding process

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