Custom Fit Husky Liners 52023-663905

Husky Liners


Rear Floor Mats - Semi Custom For Mercedes ~ C Class ~ 1999-1999 ~ Tan ~ MERCEDES BENZ-C230 Rear Set

Custom Fit

Resist most chemicals including gasoline, oil and battery acid
Thick grooves for mud, snow and water
Husky Floor Liners can easily be cleaned off with a hose
Keeps your factory floor mats in great condition
Aggressive molded tread is also effective at holding loads in place

Husky Floor Mats protect the carpeted areas of your vehicle from snow, water, and mud. These thick floor mats are tough and durable and offer heave duty protection for vehicle. The rubberized material is resistant to water, mud, snow, and is guaranteed to not crack or break.

Meyle Relay
Toyo Versado 60R17 106V 120040