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2004 04 Infiniti G35 The Switchblade: Key & Remote Combo

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Remote Programming: Most remotes take 3-5 minutes to program This device comes with FREE programming instructions and will be included with your purchase. The instructions are quick, easy to follow and take just minutes to complete. They're written so first-timers can do it themselves without the time, hassle, and expense of committing to a dealership service appointment.
Key Cutting/Programming: Programming instructions are not included. This device requires cutting and programming by a dealership or locksmith. The procedure takes only a few seconds to complete and many dealerships will do it for free as a courtesy. If your dealer does charge a fee, local locksmiths usually charge much less to remain competitive.

This unique product is a "switchblade" style remote + key combo unit. It performs two functions: It works as a key AND a keyless entry remote. With the press of the silver button, the hidden keyblade is spring-released, automatically locking into the useful position. Press the button again so you can press the blade back into it's hidden position. This device is made of high-quality, high-impact ABS plastic and chrome steel components. It also has a high-quality feel. Depending on your vehicle you may need to have one or both devices, the key and the remote, programmed to your specific vehicle.

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