Passenger Compartment Air Filters Airqualitee AQ1102



Airqualitee AQ1102 Cabin Air Filter

Passenger Compartment Air Filters

2007-2008 > Lexus > ES 350 > P/N: 87139-YZZ08 87139-02090; Install time 10 Mins
2006-2006 > Lexus > GS 300 > P/N: 87139-YZZ08 87139-02090; Install time 10 Mins
2007-2008 > Lexus > GS 350 > P/N: 87139-YZZ08 87139-02090; Install time 10 Mins
2006-2007 > Lexus > GS 430 > P/N: 87139-YZZ08 87139-02090; Install time 10 Mins

A cabin air filter is a fundamental part of a vehicle's passenger compartment heating and cooling system. Cabin filters function like the furnace filter in a home by filtering out the impurities and pollutants that flow in from the outside. These filters were first installed in European vehicles in the 1980's. By the mid-1990's they started migrating to popular domestic vehicles. However many consumers continue to be unaware of this innovation and the health benefits associated with its maintenance.Like other maintenance products cabin filters have a scheduled service requirement. Once the cabin filter has reached its life expectancy its ability to perform diminishes. As the filter media becomes saturated with impurities air flow through the media is restricted. This can adversely affect the way the air conditioning cools the vehicle's cabin and limit the defrost system's ability to clear the windshield.Studies have found that air quality inside a vehicle can be up to six times worse than the quality of air outside the vehicle. Instincts to keep the windows rolled up only complicate the situation by trapping harmful fumes and particles in the cabin. The inclusion of a cabin air filter helps prevent these impurities from entering the passenger compartment. AirQualitee.s electrostatic fiber media removes small impurities whereas the active carbon media filter removes these substances along with harmful gaseous components - smog exhaust fumes odors etc. - which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Allergy sufferers or people with other respiratory conditions can benefit greatly by having a clean cabin air filtration system in their vehicles.

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