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Perrin PEP-SUS-401 P.S.R.S. Mod. Kit Suspension Accessories

Lowering Kits

Zero Caster
Mitsubishi EVO (03 and up)

(Zero Caster) Built for the (03 and up) Mitsubishi EVO... The PERRIN positive steering response system (P.S.R.S.) will increase the drivability and performance characteristics of your Subaru by preventing lift under acceleration during cornering.The PERRIN P.S.R.S. replaces and relocates the rear mount of the front transverse link (a.k.a. front control arm) providing additional caster angle for better turn in and steering response. The PERRIN P.S.R.S. will control wandering when driving on uneven pavement or when using plus sized wheels and tires.The PERRIN P.S.R.S. is cut from custom extruded 6061 aluminum for a stronger more precise part. Using huge Teflon lined, spherical bearings, the P.S.R.S. eliminates any possibility of deflection seen by the factory rubber mounts.

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