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DEI 010422 Red 0.5 Cool-Tube Extreme - 3'

EAN: 0607078104229

UPC: 607078104229

SKU: 25915

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No need to remove wires, cables or hoses
Easily trim to length
Available in 5 different diameters and 4 vivid colors
Reflects 750 F direct continuous heat
Can be slit for simple install

Cool-Tube Extreme is wire re-enforced and constructed of a special composite material with a stylish aluminized mylar outer covering. Capable of reflecting up to 750° F direct continuous heat, Cool-Tube Extreme is flexible enough to conform to tight bends and protect even the most difficult to reach spots. Cool-Tube Extreme is ultra light and has many uses while serving as a great way to customize hoses, wires and cables for a quality finished look.

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