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Pam's Auto


Wheel : JETTA 00-04 15x6, steel


This part may fit other vehicles - see list below to confirm this part will fill your needs!
Our notes about this exact part : STEEL
This part was removed from a vehicle with 27768 miles.
Please see product description for complete info before purchasing!
This is a recycled auto parts with a great warranty!

We grade our wheels with a percentage before stocking them. You can see this parts rating in the description section and view what the percentage means.

This Wheel has the following features and fits these vehicles directly that are listed below.

Fit and Interchange

BEETLE 00-01 15x6 (steel)
JETTA 06-08 VIN "M" (8th digit, 100mm), 15x6, steel
JETTA 99 8th VIN digit "M", 15x6, steel
GOLF 03-08 15x6, steel
JETTA 05 VIN "J" or "M" (8th digit, 100mm), 15x6, steel
RABBIT 06-07 (exc R32), 15x6, steel
RABBIT 08 15x6, steel
GOLF 00-02 5 lug, 15x6, steel
JETTA 00-04 15x6, steel
GOLF 99 Hatchback, VIN J (8th digit), 15x6, steel

01-09 Chrysler Pt Cruiser Passenger Engine Motor Mount Isolator Mopar Oem
ACDelco C1384 Professional Ignition Distributor
Mix me 2650