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Pam's Auto


Body Computer BCU : SAAB 900 95-98 Air Bag; (under console)

Relay Control Module

This part may fit other vehicles - see list below to confirm this part will fill your needs!
Our notes about this exact part : AIRBAG ECU,HAD GD BAGS,4619680
This part was removed from a vehicle with 132000 miles.
Please see product description for complete info before purchasing!
This is a recycled auto parts with a great warranty!

Please match the numbers on your ECU to the numbers listed in the description of this part. We ship all electronics in a clear bag for you to preview the part before opening the bag. If you open the bag we will not take a return on the part, but will replace it once under warranty.

This Body Computer BCU has the following features and fits these vehicles directly that are listed below.

Fit and Interchange

SAAB 900 95-98 Air Bag; (under console)

Smoke Bug Shield, Toyota Sequoia 01-04 / Tundra 00-06
Perfect Fit Group REPA100117 Housing
Mix me 1193