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Roof Assembly : AUDI A6 00-04 Sdn, w/sunroof (sliding)

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This part may fit other vehicles - see list below to confirm this part will fill your needs!
Our notes about this exact part : TAN,4DR,LESS SUNROOF ASSY
This part was removed from a vehicle with 64115 miles.
Please see product description for complete info before purchasing!
This is a recycled auto parts with a great warranty!

Most of our roofs are sold as a body cut through the middle of all posts. Convertible roofs are sold as an unbolted assembly with all the frame work and actuators that are internal to the assembly. We leave most small trinket items attached if they are on the vehicle. Contact us with the complete list of parts you need so that we can confirm that you will receive everything you need for your repairs.

This Roof Assembly has the following features and fits these vehicles directly that are listed below.

Fit and Interchange

AUDI RS6 03-04 w/o sunroof
AUDI A6 00-04 Sdn, w/o sunroof
AUDI A6 00-04 Sdn, w/sunroof (sliding)
AUDI RS6 03-04 w/sunroof

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