Grille & Brush Guards Go Rhino! 3153C

Go Rhino!


GO RHINO! 3153C 3000 Series Triple-Nickel Chrome Front Guard

EAN: 0619632046456

UPC: 619632046456

SKU: GRH:3153C

Grille & Brush Guards

2003-2006 Silverado (07 CLASSIC) 2500 P/U 2/4WD (NO EUROTUBE)**

This exclusive 3000 Series StepGuard is the only Euro style grille and brush guard with a patented built-in step. This step allows easy access to the hood and engine on most of todays lifted trucks and SUVs. Step area is compressed into the steel, not cut-out, to retain its strength. An oversize step pad allows for more grip. Available as a complete unit, or center Grille Guard section only. Providing a no-drill, frame-mount installation with customized instructions for every application. Modular construction allows for cost-efficient UPS shipping. Available for most late-model trucks and SUVs.

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