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The new Fuzion racing seat from MimoUSA features the latest in ergonomic design and styling. The Fuzion is aggressive while still providing great comfort. Covered in heavy-duty, carbon fiber fabric, this great-fitting seat has an adjustable backrest and firm lumbar support. Not only is this Fuzion racing seat one of the best values in performance seating, it also passes all required safety tests and comes with universal mounting brackets. The included hardware fits most late-model imports and some domestics. Keep in mind that some vehicles may require bracket modification or additional custom brackets (available separately). Fuzion racing seats are an awesome cockpit upgrade, a fantastic value, and a must for racers-at-heart.

Specifications:Detailed Dimensions Chart

Lexus 48750-30130, Shock Mount
XPH Trunk Lift Supports Pontiac BXC300054206-2
Mix me 2380