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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket In order to help people making the driving experience more entertaining and productive, RoadMentor, an all-in-one "plug and play " navigation system with high-resolution screen, high-fidelity sound, and modern outlook, is an easy-to-use friendly design that enables users to navigate with accurate moving map display, dynamic route calculation, voice output engine, humanized interfaces, and updated databases.

The built-in routing engine, digital maps, and a comprehensive list of points of interest altogether make it easy for drivers to choose destinations and ways to destination in seconds, while the turn-by-turn voice prompts, automatic zooming screen, high-sensitivity GPSreceiver, and speed alert help drivers reach the destinations smoothly and safely.

Perfect for both business and vacation, RoadMentor's categorized database for points of interest includes hotels, restaurants, banks, government agencies, shopping malls, schools, parks... and much more useful information. In addition, RoadMentor's three different colors and two types of stand currently available for customer's choices make it possible for drivers to better adapt the navigation system to the interior design of their automobiles.

Although lightweight and portable, RoadMentor's high-speed processor and unlimited expandable SD memories for additional maps make the break-through system a powerful, all weather, high-tech product that allows drivers to easily navigate, either by touching the screen or pressing the control keys, anywhere in the world.