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Bully Dog Rapid Power ATF Transmission Fluid Mercedes C230K Diesel - Transmission - Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluids

Dramatically reduces friction and metal to metal contact in the pump by forming a unique lubricating film. It demonstrates incredible lubricating film strength capable of withstanding loads of up to 1.4 GPa (200,000 psi). Lowers the temperature at which typical hydraulic oils will flow by up to 10 C and reduces the risk of cold start up wear. Friction reduction dramatically lowers operating temperatures, adding life to pumps, seals, hoses and oil, and improving clutch engagement. On the Dyno just adding this Bully Dog's Rapid Power ATF allows 50 more rear wheel horsepower to make it to the ground on a transmission that is slipping. If your vehicle spends a significant amount of time towing, the only oil that should be in your transmission is Bully Dog's Rapid Power ATF.

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