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Bully Dog Rapid Power Fuel Reformulator Mercedes 500 Series 1gal. Bottle Diesel - Mechanical Uprgrades - Fuel Reformulator

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When added to your diesel fuel, Rapid Power Fuel Reformulator acts as a catalyst by creating a more efficient burn in the piston chamber. A more efficient burn equals more horsepower and torque. Unlike fuel additives, the Fuel Reformulator will also increase fuel economy 5-8% (even in newer vehicles) and can produce significantly higher fuel economy upon first use. Another added benefit? Your engine will be kept free from damaging carbon build-up. If you have a "bad" injector on your truck, many customers have reported "fixing" their injector not by replacing it, but by simply adding in Bully Dog's Rapid Power Fuel Reformulator. The Reformulator helps remove the carbon build up on the injector, and burns the carbon as fuel, thereby killing two birds with one stone. First you have removed the "coking" on the injector and at the same time you have used that build up as additional fuel adding either more horsepower or more fuel economy. One 8 oz bottle will treat 320 gallons worth of fuel.

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