Fans Flex-a-lite 225R



Flex-a-lite 225R Red 12 Electric Fan

EAN: 0088657022514

UPC: 088657022514


Fan size is 15.5" by 26.25" by 2 5/8"
Increases horsepower while extending water pump life
Dual 12-inch, 10 blade fans flow air up to 2500 cubic feet per minute to provide constant cooling, regardless of engine RPM
One year manufacturer warranty
Application specific

This Flex-a-lite electric fan keeps your engine cool, and improves the horsepower and torque at the wheels by eliminating the parasitic drag of the stock belt-driven fan. It also allows quicker warm ups and cool downs, longer water pump life, less fan noise, improved air conditioner performance, and better gas mileage.

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