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Clutch Masters FX500 Stage 5 Clutch Kit 08006-HDB4

SKU: 08006-HDB4

Complete Clutch Sets

1986 - 1989 Acura Integra 4 Cyl 1.6L
Old Part # 08-006-HDB4

The versatile FX500 System uses either the Power Plus I or Power Plus II Pressure Plate along with a solid center 4,6 or 8 wing (paddle) Ceramic Button disc. The FX500 disc is designed for outstanding holding capacity and rapid heat dissipation. The FX500 ceramic paddle design creates a quick and rapid engagement as well as clutch chatter that is not recommended for the street.

The FX500 is a Solid Hub (rigid) disc that engages and disengages instantly. This is a Race Only clutch.


Pressure Plate Codes:
SD - Stock pressure plate
DD - Double diaphragm pressure plate
HD - Heavy duty pressure plate
HR - High rev pressure plate
TD - Twin Disc

Disc Codes:
00 - Sprung steel-backed organic disc
B4 - 4-puck rigid ceramic disc.
B5 - 5-puck rigid ceramic disc.
B6 - 6-puck rigid ceramic disc.
BL - Rigid full face ceramic disc.
0C - Sprung Organic/Ceramic disc.
C4 - 4-puck ceramic sprung disc.
C6 - 6-puck ceramic sprung disc.
CL - Sprung full face ceramic disc.
CF - Sprung ceramic/Fiber Tough disc.
CK - Sprung full face Kevlar/ceramic disc.
CT - Sprung segmented Kevlar/ceramic disc.
0F - Sprung Organic/Fiber Tough disc.
FF - Sprung Fiber Tough disc.
I4 - 4-puck rigid iron button disc.
I6 - 4-puck rigid iron button disc.
KV - Sprung full-face Kevlar disc.
SB - Sprung organic disc.
TZ - Sprung segmented Kevlar disc.
7S - 7.25 in. Twin disc (Street)
7R - 7.25 in. Twin disc (Race)
7H - 7.25 in. Twin disc (Race/Street)
8S - 8.50 in. Twin disc (Street)
8R - 8.50 in. Twin disc (Race)
8H - 8.50 in. Twin disc (Race/Street)

Foot Notes:
A - Aluminum flywheel included.
S - Steel flywheel included.
T - Fits Tremec transmission only.
H - Hydraulic slave cylinder included.
K - Upgrade kit including flywheel.
R - Rigid disc.
D - Dampened disc.
C - Custom kit

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