Complete Units Cardone 261672E



Cardone 26-1672E Remanufactured Import Power Rack and Pinion Unit

EAN: 0082617398855

UPC: 082617398855

SKU: A1 26-1672E

Complete Units

100% computerized hydraulic testing is implemented for proper flow, leakage and performance to ensure perfect fit and function
Rack & Pinion units feature all new seals and O-rings
In cases where sleeves are installed, CARDONE utilizes a special quad-bond process to ensure sleeves will never shift
Every unit 100% tested for quality and reliability

A1 Cardone Hydraulic Power Rack and Pinions are hydraulically tested for proper flow, seal, pressure and output, ensuring like-new performance. The critical components are tested three times, heat, chemical and mechanical bonds keep the high-carbon steel sleeve firmly in place, ensuring exceptional performance. They feature 100 percent computerized and hydraulic testing or proper flow, pressure, leakage and performance.

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